The Proper Gates Approach

Proper Gates makes bespoke metal gates for discerning clients. After 10 years making wooden gates, the change to metal has produced a superior product. Our gates are now stronger, more durable, easier to maintain, and more suitable for automation.

The Anson gate, pictured here, is one of our more popular designs

The beauty of timber has been sacrificed for the integrity of metal. An attractive alternative to wrought iron , or farm type gates, these special custom made gates really make a lasting impression.

If you need a gate for a path, driveway or any entrance, a Proper Gate can fill the gap. As a modern replacement for lytch gates and other church gates, a Proper Gate makes a special, practical and long lasting memorial.

The Xylogate is here!

The Xylogate is both an instrument and a gate. Ideal for children or percussionists! Every school should have one. Just click the image to play the Xylogate!

For a unique and personalised gate, incorporating an image, logo, Coat of Arms or even musical capability, we are at your service - for an entrance that won't soon be forgotten.

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